About Mistress

How I became a Dominatrix is something that I think you all should hear. It is always nice to know where the Dominatrix you will come to worship grew from.

My first BDSM night was a real eye opener. Not somewhere I felt nervous or concious but somewhere I felt at home and natural. I knew that this was my calling. I knew that fetish was in my blood and would always be. That first feeling of balls crushing under my heel and the first sound of a scream of pain and pleasure all mixed together in a musical symphony made me know in no un-certain terms that I was made to be a Domme and that this would always be.

Mistress Phoenix is who I have grown into over the years, not who I have chosen to be for financial or material gain. I completely enjoy assisting people like you on their journey along the path of exploration. I love exposing the body and mind to pleasures often only believed to be achievable in fantasy.

The excitement that comes from watching a loyal slave crawl to my feet, a new friend explore a life long desire or the scream of a misbehaving servant as my cane strikes brings me more enjoyment than I ever imagined possible. These are just a few out of hundreds of scenarios that bring Mistress great satisfaction. Don’t think that because you do not wish to enjoy any of the above that our time together would not be some of the best hours of your life. I have realised over the years that it is not only the act itself that provides me with pleasure but also the satisfaction of watching someone be molded at the mercy of my hands or enjoying the satisfaction that comes from the glint in a slave's eye as they live out their fantasies.

If you have never been to see a Mistress before but are considering doing so then let me congratulate you for the fact you are currently reading this. It is a big step in the right direction. Although I have several years experience and enjoy playing with people who know exactly what they desire and how to serve a Mistress I will always enjoy the journey that comes from being with a fetishist from the beginning of their journey.

Please do not be afraid to contact me if you are having any doubts. I am very welcoming and able to listen to your wants and needs. Your desires, safety and mental wellbeing are of the utmost importance to Mistress so do not ever doubt that you will receive an equal level of respect as Mistress expects to receive. Why not explore YOUR fantasies and set yourself free in sublime, sensual, erotic Domination from your Goddess.

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